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In 2017, Hannah Kvislen began teaching music theater for kids, and she quickly realized there was a serious lack of high-quality musicals for elementary-age kids to perform. As an author and songwriter, Hannah has had plenty of training in writing for kids, and now she writes original musicals each year specifically tailored to the kids in the program.

With an MA in music, Hannah knows how to create songs with catchy melodies and the right chord progressions. She emphasizes memorability, meaning the songs in her musicals should be easy to learn and a perfect fit for the kids’ vocal ranges. Her shows are a hit.

The business has continued to grow, and today, Hannah is working with a company of directors and choreographers in the music theater program. She now gets to spend more time writing new musicals. As a leader for Star Musicals Press, she collaborates with a group of voice talents and music producers who produce and distribute high-quality shows for kids and youth.

We’re passionate about music theater and aim for quality in everything we do. We do our best to make sure the rehearsals run smoothly, and we have lots of tips to share on producing a show. Our hope is that schools and theaters will perform our shows and have as much fun with them as we do. 

Hannah leads a music and arts school in Oslo, Norway, and works with voice-over production as well. 

Hannah Kvislen


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