How to Make a Lion Costume

Did you know you could turn every hoodie into a lion costume? Learn how to make a lion costume, no-sew, easiest ever!

Things You'll Need:

  • Hoodie or Hood (you can find instructions on how to make a hood HERE)
  • Long Pile Faux Fur Fabric
  • Tan or Brown Fabric for the ears, (preferably felt or fleece so it doesn’t frey)
  • Craft Glue
Finished Product After You Have Learned How To Make A Lion Costume

Step 1

Cut out two lion’s ears from the non-fur fabric. They need to be made in a thick fabric. If the fabric you use is soft, you could glue two identical ears together to make them more solid. Crunch the ears a little in the bottom part to make them more ”ear”-like, and glue them to the hood.

Step 2

Cut out the middle piece for the lion’s mane from the fur fabric. It should be about 5 inches wide. Measure your hood to see what length you need. Then pin the piece to the middle of the hood.

Step 3

Measure the sides of the hood. Then cut out the side pieces from the fur fabric. Both side pieces should be placed next to the middle piece and cover the whole side. To make room for the ears you need to make a cut halfway down from the top of each side piece.

Step 4

Now you’re ready to glue the fur fabric to the hood. Start with the middle piece, front to back. Then you glue on your side pieces, start with the top front. Adjust the openings for the ears if needed.

Step 5

Cut out a rectangle from the non-fur fabric, about 3 inches wide and 12 inches long. Fold it so it is 1.5 inches wide and glue together. This will make the lion’s tail. Cut a piece from the fur fabric and wrap around one end of the tail. Glue it together. In the other end of the tail, attach a safety pin.

Step 6

Wear pants in similar color as the hoodie (or pants and sweater in similar color if you’ve chosen to sew your own hood). Fasten the tail to the pants.

Finished Product After You Have Learned How To Make A Lion Costume

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