5 Reasons to License an Indie Musical Theatre for Kids Show

Musical theatre for kids

Are you a teacher or perhaps the leader of a theatre group, looking for a musical theatre show for kids to perform? Here are five reasons why you should consider licensing an indie production specializing in musical theatre for kids, instead of opting for the more well-known shows offered by the large global Music Theatre Licensors in the industry.

1. Give the actors the best possible experience

Indie children’s musical theatre shows are typically written by music theatre teachers. The scripts and songs are often tried and tested with the teacher’s own theatre groups, then refined into a musical that is manageable for kids to rehearse and perform. 

If you want the actors to have the best possible experience, then an indie musical theatre show is a better choice than more famous productions, such as ‘Alice In Wonderland’. While these well-known shows can be spectacular when done right, they unfortunately require a significant amount of rehearsal time for the actors to master.

2. Adaptability

The most famous children’s musicals, even those tailored for kids, often come with rigid demands for performances, leaving little to no room for adjustments to accommodate the specific needs of theatre groups. 

Indie musical theatre productions, especially those specializing in musical theatre for kids, are typically more flexible, allowing for changes in cast size, the omission of lines or songs, and sometimes even the addition of new characters. The ability to make adjustments to the scripts is essential in order to include everyone and ensure the show is a perfect fit for the theatre group.

musical theatre for kids - The Wishing Well

3. The price

Licensing fees for indie productions tend to be MUCH lower than those from larger companies. This can be particularly beneficial for community theatres, schools, or smaller production companies with limited budgets.

4. Niche or Original Content

Indie productions often bring fresh and unique stories to the stage. These may cater to specific niches, tackle innovative themes, or provide a platform for original work.

5. Supporting Emerging Talent

Choosing a ‘Musical Theatre for Kids’ indie production can be a way to support emerging playwrights, composers, and lyricists who may not have the same level of recognition as those associated with bigger companies

Don’t forget the performance license!

Unfortunately, some theatre groups may perform shows without valid performance licenses. Some teachers may simply not be aware that purchasing a license comes with a lot of limitations, such as a restricted number of performances and a time limit. 

Presenting unlicensed shows can lead to undesirable consequences. In 2019, the musicals licensor Music Theatre International was awarded $450,000 in addition to attorney’s fees in a court case against Theaterpalooza Community Theater Productions, Inc. Theaterpalooza Community Theater Productions had staged unlicensed productions of MTI shows like Roald Dahl’s Willy Wonka and Matilda.

Read more about the case HERE.

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Indie musical theatre for kids provides a customized, budget-friendly experience, featuring adaptable scripts and unique, niche content. Crafted by experienced teachers, these productions also nurture emerging talent in the industry.

At the end of the day, children’s musical theatre productions, especially those tailored for kids, are all about inclusion, collaboration, and most importantly, having fun with acting, singing, and dancing together. We encourage you to explore scripts from small indie publishers specializing in musical theatre for kids.

Doing so will likely save your school or theatre group money, while also providing the best possible experience for your actors. Most of us offer free perusal scripts.

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